On-demand product development.

Start with a sketch and we’ll turn it into a new prototype. We specialize in designing and developing new products. Whether you’re trying to invent something completely new or combine existing items together we can help.

Naples – Orlando Florida

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Our Process

To start a project all you need are some basic sketches and concept of your idea. If you have measurements, great! We take your ideas and draw them in 3D software. Here you are able to see how your product will look via image renders and video animation.

Once your design is approved we work towards fabrication of your prototype using available technologies like 3D printing, cnc, laser, etc. Every project is different so we make sure that communication is clear during the entire process. Once you’re satisfied with the prototype we can assist you in small scale production (up to 100 units) and or refer you to one of our manufacturing partners.

The Modern Inventor system streamlines the product design and prototype process by offering a truly “Start-to-finish” product design consulting service in a variety of growth industries including; automotive, aerospace, construction, marine, healthcare, and more. Please contact us below for more information.  info@moderninventor.com


Our work

MILLEBOT: Mega Industrial 3D Printers www.millebot.com

We have developed a giant 3D printer capable of easy transport and multiple material processing for the developed and developing world. Check out our site more information.


Designed and manufactured in the USA. Using social media my then clients and I have partnered up to create simple yet innovative products for the electric vehicle market.

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