Modern Inventor helps inventor transform their ideas into new products.

Start with a sketch on a napkin and we’ll take that to a 3D printed prototype, all the way to production and online marketing. Our proven system streamlines design, development and making your new product. We specialize in Start-to-finish product design consulting in various industries including; automotive, aerospace, construction, marine, healthcare, and more.

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Tesla Model 3 Unveiled Live

About having a car is about freedom. 3,600 superchargers worldwide. By next year double number of superchargers. Can fit a 7 foot long surfboard inside. Where ever you go in the world, if there is electricity you can charge. Today 215 locations to service your Tesla. More than double of 441 locations end of 2017

G6 Camera Stabilizer for DSLR & iPad 3D Scanner

  The idea came 6 years ago when I feel in love with cameras. After countless hours playing C.O.D. and shooting photography an idea came to mind one day after seeing my friends record video footage with DSLR. http://moderninventor.wix.com/g6-camera The idea happened with I combined rear shoulder stock with camera. We called it the G6 … Continue reading G6 Camera Stabilizer for DSLR & iPad 3D Scanner

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